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Ltd. "Automated Mechanical Systems" - an engineering company offering advanced solutions in the field of industrial automation. Individual approach to solving problems, low operating costs of the proposed equipment, energy efficiency and ease of use allows our customers to obtain decisive competitive advantages. We are trusted by companies such as the Company "The Fifth Element", LLC "Brier", LLC "LSR.Stenovye materials", LLC "Magma Ceramic", LLC "Magma".

Using the suggested solutions qualitative modern equipment manufacturers such as Siemens, Eaton, FANUC, Phoenix, Camozzi, Rittal, Omron, Danfoss, Schneider helps reduce downtime Number of production to ensure consistent quality of products, to maintain production capacity at a consistently high level.

Integrated solution

The main objective of any production - making a profit. This idea should be subordinated to all of the plant. Starting from the parking lot in front of the plant, ending the loading area of ​​the finished product. Each constituent element of the production is important and should be brought to perfection. Any change in a separate manufacturing site can affect the operation of the remaining sections, and ultimately affect the quality of the finished product. Therefore, a comprehensive approach to solving production problems, to achieve the best results.

AMC company possessing specific knowledge of ceramics production technology, provides its customers with full information about the state of production, and its separate parts. Carrying out technical audit of production allows time to pay attention to technological areas does not correspond to the basic problem. The vision of a whole pattern of production allows us to offer the most effective solution, eliminating the cause of malfunction, not struggling with the consequences.

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